H-1B Case Status - 2019 (Applied in 2018)

The purpose of this page is to provide better and broader visibility into the status and processing of visa cases, because USCIS provides status for only one case at a time.

Disclaimer: While efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the data on this website, the website is not responsible for any possible descrepancy in the data or any impact arising out of it.


EAC, WACThe processing centers on East and West coasts
REC, RFE, RESP, WTD, APP, DNMStatus: Received, RFE, RFE Response Received, Transferred, Approved, Decision notice mailed
chgs, app1, app2Changes for the day, Direct aproval, Approval after RFE
Overall Trends ChartShows daily snapshots for status totals
Case Series ChartShows realtime stats for each series and their status
Recent Updates ChartShows the 50 most recent data updates by volunteers in real time
Series GridLets you select a series to have a look at the overall picture of 1000 cases

Overall Trends - EAC

  Overall Trends - WAC

  Case Series vs Current Status





Recent Updates  
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User Series Recvd WTD RFE Resp Apprv DNM days chgs rfe resp dnm app1 app2 Updated

Series Grid (EAC18 & WAC18)

EAC 18      WAC 18

  • For example, if the case number has last 3 digits as 805, then you should look at row numbered "8" and column "05".
  • You can see case details for a cell by hovering the mouse over that cell.
  • You can also click on a cell and see the change history for that case.


Following are the volunteers bringing you these data updates.

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